Hawaii’s Partnership for Appropriate and Compassionate Care (HPACC) is a coalition of health care, disability rights, advocacy, and educational organizations united in strong opposition to the legalization of physician-assisted suicide and physician-assisted death.

We believe physician-assisted suicide and physician-assisted death represent extreme and destructive responses to illness or disability.  As such, any legalization of these activities is bad public policy and harmful to the well being of the people of Hawaii.

We support constructive and positive alternatives to physician-assisted suicide and physician-assisted death, including more effective pain management, better diagnosis, and treatment of depression and greater utilization of hospice services.

“There is hope when someone is nearing the end of their life, and that is access to hospice and better end of life care. Although we need to provide love and care to all people making the end of life journey, assisted suicide is never the answer.”

Joy Yadao, spokeswoman for HPACC